In a B2B marketer’s perfect world, target accounts would magically navigate to our websites at just the right time during the purchasing journey. Not only would the right audience show up at the optimal time, but they would also be presented with the precise messaging to elicit our desired action.

Imagine focusing on the accounts that are actually seeking the solutions you offer and presenting relevant content at the start of the buying journey. Only in a perfect world? No, it’s possible! Enter Pipeline360 + Intent Data Marketing.

How Does Intent Data Work in B2B Marketing?

Intent data helps you focus demand generation on higher value leads. It helps you identify accounts that are in market and actively evaluating solutions. When you know which accounts are researching topics related to your business, it leads to marketing efficiency and growth.

But to maximize results, intent based data needs to be used earlier in the marketing funnel, targeting the right accounts at the right time. Identify accounts that are showing an increased interest in what you sell, then activate targeted content syndication campaigns and digital display surround. Focus your budget on buying teams that are already engaging with topics relevant to your content.

How Does Pipeline360 Use Intent Data for Marketing?

At Pipeline360, we partner with intent providers like Bombora to give marketers the ability to dynamically target accounts across publisher networks and display advertising to capture opted-in leads with a high propensity to buy. This, allows marketers to do more with less and, boost efficiency and performance to generate predictable pipeline.

To learn more about buyer intent data, reach out to our team.

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