As we enter 2024, one thing is certain, B2B marketers will need to remain agile as change has become the norm. With changing market dynamics, complex technologies and rapidly evolving privacy regulations, today’s B2B marketers are facing challenges that require solutions that reduce complexity and deliver outcomes.

At Pipeline360, Integrate's newly launched Media (Marketplace) arm, we are committed to empowering B2B marketers to not just meet but exceed their pipeline objectives and targets.

To better understand the evolving needs of marketers in today’s increasingly complex world, we partnered with global research and advisory firm, Demand Metric, to conduct a survey on the State of B2B Marketing Pipeline Growth.

We examined the current state of B2B marketers' challenges, needs, and goals, and the findings paint a vivid picture of current B2B marketing trends:

  1. Marketers find themselves in a balancing act, navigating the challenge of managing more focused budgets along with increasing targets.
  2. The specter of data privacy looms large, casting a shadow over B2B marketers' operations.
  3. In today's dynamic environment, adopting a holistic, full-funnel approach integrating brand and demand is crucial. Surprisingly, many B2B marketers are underutilizing the diverse array of tools and channels available to them.

Our B2B marketing infographic below encapsulates the key findings of this survey, providing a glimpse into the B2B marketing trends for 2024 and highlighting the challenges and opportunities shaping the B2B marketing landscape. For a comprehensive understanding of the State of B2B Pipeline Growth, delve into the full report here.

B2B marketing trends and infographic for 2024

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