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Integrated Media

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Maximise your impact with Pipeline360’s all-in-one solution that brings together content syndication, digital advertising, and account intelligence to build predictable pipeline quickly and efficiently.

The Power of Integrated Media

Conversion With Integrated
Media (Brand + Demand)


Conversion With
Demand Alone

What You Get With Pipeline360's Integrated Media

Scale With Expert Support

  • End-to-end campaign management
  • Efficient lead generation
  • Real-time optimisation & strategic insights
  • Analytics, reporting & business reviews

100% Compliant, Marketable Leads

  • Lead validation & standardisation
  • Connected MAP & CRM data
  • Display ad fraud & brand safety protection
  • Global privacy-aligned content syndication

Global Reach

  • Access to 300M global B2B professionals
  • Global content & display ad
  • Diverse global verticals
  • Enhanced segmentation

Pipeline360 Expert Support

Expert B2B Marketing Support

Our team of B2B experts act as an extension of your team to run cross-channel digital campaigns from start to finish. We juggle multiple global publishers, provide built-in display ad anti-fraud and brand safety protection, ensure leads are 100% compliant and marketable, and provide valuable strategic tips.

Pipeline360 Content Syndication

Content Syndication

Get your top content out there to new and diverse audiences. Stay compliant and ensure your leads from content syndication are 100% marketable. Reel in prospects with awareness content and hook them with even more relevant content down the line. Fine-tune your campaigns as you see fit. And do all this in a snap with the support of Pipeline360.

Pipeline360 Digital Ads

Digital Advertising

Go worldwide with display ads while staying protected from ad fraud. Ensure your brand’s safety with algorithms, contextual placements, and programmatic private placements configured to your rules.

Pipeline360 Measurement


Dive into a complete dashboard for all the campaign and account insights you need. Get weekly pacing and quarterly business reviews to fine-tune strategy, gain feedback, and optimise. Find out which accounts and personas are engaging with your content and what types of content are a hit. And then, optimise your plan with real-time data.

Pipeline360 Hammer Case Study

Case Study

How Hammer Sourced €1.5M+ of Qualified Sales Pipeline in 12 Weeks

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Pipeline360 is an excellent partner in ensuring that Ivanti is sending the right message to the right person, at the right time, only on the channels our target audience is using. Their support has been instrumental in achieving remarkable success with my lead-generation campaigns. We collaborate as partners, and their extensive knowledge makes it effortless to rely on them.

Shazia Hasnain

Sr. Manager, Integrated Campaign Services

Create Predictable Pipeline With Integrated Media

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